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March 2, 2010

Today, I went running. Yes, you heard me. Running. Outside. Like out of doors. Like not in the gym. Yeah.

I am coming off a period of final exams, illness, and being in Berlin. And also a short period when a precariously ice-skating around the city park while listening to the Lord of the Rings sound track as old ladies and toddlers frolicked around me counted as a day’s exercise. No longer! I’ve been spinning and yoga-ing a lot since I’ve been home.

Leaving Berlin, I was excited to get back to Sweden, where the snow was still snow rather than disgusting slush. Where winter was still white and the stinking remains of New Years festivities weren’t materializing on every street corner as the ice melted. When I stepped of the Train in Lund, I noticed something peculiar: it was raining. För fan! Damn! There’s the end of my ice-skating dreams. Now I’ll never make the Olympics.

I forgot that my part of Sweden is, after all, Skåne. And Skåne is, after all, wet. But rain also means that the snow is slowly but surely disappearing. Some days it still snows, as if the weather can’t make up it’s mind. And then the next day it rains. And then the next day it’s beautiful, and the sun shines.

Today, we here in Skåne reached a temperature high of a boiling 3 degrees. I had to take advantage, and so I ran. I ran for a long, long time (for me)…almost 2 hours. I ran to the outskirts of town and marveled at the low-laying, patchwork of agricultural land that is Southern Sweden opened up before me. I was serenaded by cooing doves. I even saw some grass. That’s right, grass. And it was green. Fancy that!

I can sense that the day is coming when the sweet blue Specialized Allez (in layman’s terms: my bike) sitting next to me collecting dust will get to come out and see what Sweden looks like. I know for sure that day will come when I stop seeing the hard-core old man who wears bib-shorts to spinning class at the gym. He looks like he knows what he’s doing, and when he’s out and riding in the real world, then I’ll know it’s time. Hopefully that time is soon.

Våren kommer snart! Spring is on the way!


February 2, 2010

The branches are laden and the bicycles along the side of the street, sunken. I am the first to have walked this path today, and my feet disappear below me with each step—landing one by one with the soft whisper and feeble resistance of a foot of fresh powder. I find myself somewhere between early childhood visions of what Christmas should be like—small figurines of Victoria-era folk bustling about a white-coated world illuminated by candle glow from windows—and the cold reality of this pinkish-gray January sunrise in southern Sweden. I think of LA kids and the mythic regard for the white stuff and of Indian summers. Of pickup trucks racing down the Grapevine towards the city—cabs filled with ecstatic children and beds filled with snow to be dumped somewhere to melt on a brownish-green lawn in Burbank.

A flock of magpies rises overhead, their nests crown every tree along this street.

So, this is what snow is like.

I look around (make sure no Swedish people are watching) and, backpack and all, take a massive jump into the nearest virgin snowbank. It is cold—but, good God, it really is snow.


Sydsvenskan’s report in pictures for the unusual amount of snow Skåne has been receiving in the last week.