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“Urban” running

June 5, 2011

Alternate title could be: Why my Neighborhood, Jonction, is the Best Neighborhood in Geneva. Jonction is located at the junction (get it! get it!) or rather confluence of  the Arve and the Rhone rivers. Le Rhone, flowing fresh out of the Alpine waters of Lake Geneva is a surreal shade of turquoise and startlingly clear. L’Arve arrives having wound its way through miles upon miles of countryside and is brown turquoise, the sediment of agrarian Switzerland tilled up in its currents. I live on the semi peninsula where the two rivers meet, and a five minute jog from my apartment yields such visions of pastoral resplendence:

Life in beautiful places without a bike, is, for the spoiled and bike crazy among us, a misery. Hence begins the quest to find other things to amuse myself with. After a few days of experimental trail blazing in Jonction, I came across the greenbelt along the banks of the Rhone and flush against cliffs of conglomerate glacial till. Oh glaciers. Shapers of Heaven on Earth.


So no bike, yet. Hence, goal for this summer: Become a good runner (something I haven’t been since high school Lacrosse, if ever.) Other goal for this summer: Rent a downhill bike and ride down an Alp. At least once. More on that later. But for now, I will learn to love running. Luckily for me, I have Le Rhone to keep my pace and mark my course.

“World is mind!” the graffiti reads. A place to be pensive. A place to spontaneously jump in the river on a warm afternoon. (Oh yeah.)

Notice the greenish flow intruding into the river in the upper left of the photo, it is the remainder of the tilled up sediment brought in by L’Arve at the confluence. In Real Life, the difference between the two rivers is actually quite visible.

I like to stand at this point along the river, waiting for a train to go by on the bridge. When one finally comes, if one finally comes, I yell “tååååååååget!”  whilst jumping up and down and waving my arms. the rush of the passing trains drowns out the sound of my childish screaming, so I’m sure I ‘m no bother to the hippie kids camping nearby but just out of sight. As for the people on the train, I can only hope that they’ll see me and be ever so slightly amused.

Running up the trail, it is possible to gain enough elevation to actually be able to cross the bridge and run back along the opposite bank of the river. In the distance there is the white gleam of Geneva, and in the further distance, the blue purple feet of the mountains. the trail back along the opposite bank is a little more technical, with some sections I cerntainly would not attempt on a mountain bike, or even run. Also visible is the previously mentioned U shaped glacial valley, which is a formation I recently learned is called Savéle. Apparently it can be hiked. Next day off, maybe?


on a side note:


A run around town, with the camera

May 28, 2011

Boy, they sure do know the kind of pictures tourists like to take in Old town Geneva.

View from my apartment. In the background some where invisible: Mont Blanc.*

Le Rhone**, a river impossibly aqua. From the trail (yes, trail! Can you say ‘singletrack’?) near my apartment

Sketchy as you know what bridge on said single track. the top of the photo is actually the beginning of a 20 meter dropoff.

that, my friends, is a classic example of a glacially formed U shaped valley. thank you, EPS 50.

Badställe? Swimming spot?

And at last, the beautiful, the famous, the enormous, Lake Geneva. Lac Lemán, as it is in that language I cannot speak. It definitely gives Mälaren a run for it’s money.


* A correction has been appended to this entry. I was under the impression that the pointy mountain in the background was Mt. Blanc. However, at the time I took this photo, I had actually never seen Mt. Blanc, as it is often shrouded by cloud cover. I saw it for the first time yesterday, as I was leaving my first night shift at CERN in the clear morning light. Mont Blanc is, unsurprisingly, white. And, it’s beautiful.

the daily saga regrets the error.

**Yet another correction has been appended to this entry. A previous version of this post said the river was L’Arve. It is in fact Le Rhone. I was geographially confused.

the daily saga regrets the error.

(God, two corrections in one post. My editor’s gonna kill me.)


March 2, 2010

Today, I went running. Yes, you heard me. Running. Outside. Like out of doors. Like not in the gym. Yeah.

I am coming off a period of final exams, illness, and being in Berlin. And also a short period when a precariously ice-skating around the city park while listening to the Lord of the Rings sound track as old ladies and toddlers frolicked around me counted as a day’s exercise. No longer! I’ve been spinning and yoga-ing a lot since I’ve been home.

Leaving Berlin, I was excited to get back to Sweden, where the snow was still snow rather than disgusting slush. Where winter was still white and the stinking remains of New Years festivities weren’t materializing on every street corner as the ice melted. When I stepped of the Train in Lund, I noticed something peculiar: it was raining. För fan! Damn! There’s the end of my ice-skating dreams. Now I’ll never make the Olympics.

I forgot that my part of Sweden is, after all, Skåne. And Skåne is, after all, wet. But rain also means that the snow is slowly but surely disappearing. Some days it still snows, as if the weather can’t make up it’s mind. And then the next day it rains. And then the next day it’s beautiful, and the sun shines.

Today, we here in Skåne reached a temperature high of a boiling 3 degrees. I had to take advantage, and so I ran. I ran for a long, long time (for me)…almost 2 hours. I ran to the outskirts of town and marveled at the low-laying, patchwork of agricultural land that is Southern Sweden opened up before me. I was serenaded by cooing doves. I even saw some grass. That’s right, grass. And it was green. Fancy that!

I can sense that the day is coming when the sweet blue Specialized Allez (in layman’s terms: my bike) sitting next to me collecting dust will get to come out and see what Sweden looks like. I know for sure that day will come when I stop seeing the hard-core old man who wears bib-shorts to spinning class at the gym. He looks like he knows what he’s doing, and when he’s out and riding in the real world, then I’ll know it’s time. Hopefully that time is soon.

Våren kommer snart! Spring is on the way!