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From the Photo Vault: The Ghostly Orb

July 16, 2009


This picture was taken in 2007, in the supposedly haunted Geyser grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon. My family and I drove out there from Payette ID to go ghost-busting. No, not really. We were actually on our way to Wallowa Lake (in the “Alps” of the American west!) and decided to to do some ancillary ghost-busting along the way. The hotel has been recently re-furbished, but many people have claimed to have experienced other-worldly events, such as very intense cold spots and voices, on the third floor in particular. We wandered around the hotel for a bit, ate lunch in the restaurant, probed the teenage hotel clerk for ghost stories…but alas, there were no odd encounters to be had or ghosts to be busted. The only place I got a creepy sort of feeling in was the dining hall, but that is largely because it was completely empty, the lights were off, and I wasn’t allowed to be in there. But then my aunt snapped this photo of me on the stairwell (looking rather creepily up at the camera, mind you). When we looked at it later, we noticed first the moving figure in the left hand side of the frame and the orb of light levitating in front of me. Both were definitely not there when we took the photo, and notice that mysterious figure does not appear in the mirror. Add that to the fact that I had just been making fun of a woman in a portrait nearby the stairwell, and you have yourself a rather creepy photograph. Just looking at this picture sends chills down my spine to this very day.


Alright. I admit it. As if it wasn’t obvious enough already. It’s a hoax. The colorful figure is not the wandering spirit of a bellboy from 1890. It is my mom, walking by briskly. And the orb: a mere lamp (we think…but haven’t verified). Nonetheless, I am rather fond of this photo–I think it has an interesting composition, and the effects (mostly to due a sub-professional camera) are well, in a word, haunting.

From the Photo Vault: the giant strawberry

July 9, 2009


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new feature on my blog, (as it has an sort of journalistic direction to begin with) called ‘From the Photo Vault’. In this feature, I will post an interesting but completely random photo from the days before I had a blog and I could force innocent passerby to look at my amateurish attempt at photography.

And so I give you ‘The Giant Strawberry”, from about a year ago. Yes, it was so big you could eat it like a hand-fruit. Yes, after taking this picture, I ate it like a hand-fruit, whatever that means. And Yes, it was delicious.