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September 11, 2013

One thing I am missing now that I’m in Berkeley is the daily opportunity to bumble though the French language, so much so that I find myself wishing I could offer extra credit for the correct pronunciation of ‘Fourier’ in the lab class I’m facilitating. Questionably ethical, non?


Fleeing the physics building, I am met and taken aback by a familiar rush of staccato. Sure enough, out past the breezeway stands a figure, the source of the ruckus. The cellphone hand is glued to one ear while the other hand gesticulates wildly at the invisible listener. Sure enough, he is speaking Italian. I smirk and approach. But as I pass by, I’m thrown even farther off guard. He is very, very blonde, and very, very light-skinned. He doesn’t even have facial hair. Mind. Blown.