pingst och nationaldag

Today our basement is emptier than usual; the lights are off in most of the offices, even as I sheepishly tiptoe in at 10:30 AM. There are barely even a few bikes in the racks in the courtyard. Is it secret holiday, that I’d somehow forgotten? Is it Kristihimmelfärdsdag, which without a doubt, never fails to catch me off-guard? No no. That’s right, we don’t do kristihimmelfärdsdag. It’s certainly not the Fourth of July yet.

PINGST! Wait, what is Pingst again? Wikipedia knows. Aha, Pentecost. Well that sounds like it’s most certainly got to be on a Sunday. Could it be… Annandag Pingst?

Nationaldag! That’s right. That’s what it is. It’s the Swedish National Day. Still, that doesn’t explain why there appears to be half the normal number of people in the College of Chemistry this fine morning in the fine City of Berkeley. Ah Well.

I sit down at my desk and I have a word stuck in my head. It’s Pingst.

Pingst pingst pingst pingst pingst pingst pingst pingst pingst…. Pingst. There’s no one in the basement. 50 days from Passover, PINGST! How the days pass.

It’s going to be a great day. Happy Pingst, everyone.


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