The last two months…

You may be worried that this blog has died. Or, you may be, you know, not worried.

Anyway, here we are again. Ramadan came and went. I (predictably) have not gained any ground in Arabic. I did give a presentation about that thing I worked on this summer, and also experienced an acute feeling of stomachlessness upon discovering that that thing did in fact not work in the way I thought it did, a mere fifteen minutes before said presentation.

After that, I ate about a half-kilogram of hand-imported Fontina (not all at once), made it in and out of Yosemite before it caught on fire, watched a Miyzaki film, said goodbye to three great friends and acquired fifty more I have yet to really know, moved to a new house, cried in public (twice), tried over the course of three weeks to remember everything I ever learned in undergrad (and failed), turned in three written exams and one blank one (statistisk termodynamik, du slår mig varje gång), spoke French in public (twice, bad idea), decided to quit grad school, decided that I couldn’t quit something I hadn’t started, started grad school, taught in an undergraduate lab, rode my bike, and ate a burrito.

Focus, for me, seems at the moment impossible. Unfortunately, focus is precisely what I need now, at the start of this new whirlwind. It is still surreal to me to be in the position were someone (probably the American taxpayer) is paying me to learn. It is an astounding, once-in-a-lifetime chance; a position of immense privilege. Hopefully I’ll find some way of living and working here which I can be more than satisfied with. At least I have to try.

Here’s to the next 5 years!

Back to regular writing on Le Blog now, I promise.


Full light on the face of Half Dome, pre-sunset from the Yosemite Falls trail.


One Response to “The last two months…”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    Yikes! Catching up on life – good on ya! French is a lovely language, speak it loud and to hell with them. Go-go-go – do it, live it!!
    And don’t forget to write it!

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