I promised you I had a lot to say, and I do, but…

Instead I’m sitting, battling some horrendous mutation of the cold my grandfather had last week, staring dryly at research group websites that probably haven’t been updated since 2004, trying to squeeze some essence of my scientific self, my CERN alter-ego, the strange person who I still do not fully believe exists, into a page or two of words and make it sound alright, or at the very least, not stupid. I have been doing this off and on for nearly a month now. Succinctly: I am sick and sick of all of it.

For now, in my haze, I have listened to this three times today. It’s mad and awesome, and apparently, it is the best selling solo piano record of all time.

thanks to S.S. for the music tip.


One Response to “köln”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    There’s (ahem) another blog i follow: A Flamingo in Utrecht – every year the city has a cariiliion/town bells concert. This last year was a stupendous version of Tubular Bells. Still on YoyTube, I think – well worth a glimpse for atmosphere and sense of place.

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