L’automne, le doute

I left CERN a few evenings ago tailed by the cloud of disenchantment that has been hovering over my shoulder for the past year and a half. I thought  I felt  a few drops of rain. I ignored them.

Such swirling doubt is something I have to forget about for the next few weeks at least as I prepare to take the Physics graduate entrance exam (GRE) for US schools. Wether or not it ends up mattering, whether or not I end up going to a school in the US or elsewhere or any school at all hardly matters for the next few weeks. I need to take this test and I need to do well; I have to (choke) focus. I can find myself later. And in the meantime I will practice finding Lagranians and electric fields and wave functions (in under a minute!). I will take study breaks by riding the local massif, the indomitable Salève and find that its forests have turned to gold, in the light of this surging season!

Alpine sunrise from the Booster tunnel; Mont Blanc included.

Back side of Le Salève, in autumn dress, and below:

Up the face of Salève to Les Croisettes, Fall! A wonder for the California-bred.


One Response to “L’automne, le doute”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    Fingers crossed for you!!!

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