Winter is coming

When it rains it pours, pours, pours.  I know the summer is gone because I’ve started to wear ski gloves on the bike; I look like a tool but at least my fingers are warm as I glide down Route de Meyrin at midnight. And it will only get worse: I will stay here until December, now in the hopes of seeing both antimatter and snow. December, not so distant December. We went  already through the part of the year were everyone else seemed to disappear to a proverbial Paris with their girlfriends. But oh, they came back. Yes, they always do. Oh, how I want to go to Paris. Not just the proverbial one. But the rain, the rain, the rain reminds me that now it really is time to buckle down and button up. What is next, what is after December? Oh, I don’t know. I never do.


If you get the reference in the title of this post: You my friend, are a hopeless nerd. Welcome to the club.


2 Responses to “Winter is coming”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    Times like this you must always remember your Shelley (Percy B Shelley):
    ‘If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?’

    You are in the place where Big things are happening – Paris (Texas?) proverbial or not, is… just Paris.
    (Or is it the lack of an intimate friend to ‘go to Paris’ with?)

  2. tornspira Says:

    Shelley… or Game of thrones?!!!

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