synvinkel, eurobatman

It’s 22.00 hours in the CERN main auditorium, yes, the one were they announced that Neutrinos are are not faster than light and that the Higgs is real. Batman Begins is playing on the big screen. You see, here at le European Center for Nuclear Research, it’s summer student movie night, and when we get to the bit of dialogue that goes a bit like this:

Server: Mr. Wayne, the pools are only decorative, and your friends don’t have bathing attire.

(Bruce Wayne looks over at the decorative pool in the restaurant. His two supermodelesque female friends are bathing, conceivably nude, in it.)

Bruce (nonchalantly): Ah, yeah… they are European.

At once, the room, full of young people from all corners of this continent, explodes in laughter and applause.

🙂 🙂


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