Beam, and other things

Just a few things since I last wrote here, ages ago. At some point there is just too much to say it all. 

1. First of all, beam. In our experiment, in a somewhat useful fashion.

2. I am certain my cover is blown: my blog statistics tell me that people are now searching my real name along with the word ‘blog’ and hitting this site before hitting that other, more legitimate, publication I used to write for. What’s more, someone in Switzerland viewed this site 72 times today. Really, whoever you are, do I know you and is all this babble that interesting to you?

3. Col du Grand Colombier. Long in the past, but a ride report is still worthwhile.

4. I “Raced” my mountain bike in France and succeeded in: winning the women’s category by default, eating chocolate at feed stations, and making the wrong turn only twice whilst receiving cheery Francophonic encouragement from smiling hikers, small children, and middle aged men. Afterward, I came home, watched 3 hours straight of Game of thrones*  and then went to CERN for the rest of the night.

5. A visit from friends from the US! Although I had to leave them largely to their own devices in terms of Genevan amusement, it is always so wonderful to see familiar faces!

5. Football. Football. Football. If you are anywhere in Europe right now then you know. Floods of horn blowing people, sirens, insanity. For some reason I thought today was Friday and so, despite a sore throat, I cycled to the Geneva stadium to try and get a glimpse of the Sweden vs. England match on the enormous screen they’ve set up out front. At once I was surrounded by millions of Iberian looking people. My God, I realized, it’s in fact thursday, this is Spain vs. Ireland, and the Spanish Genevois are out in full force. Every person there appeared to be Spanish. At once, I was painfully aware of the fact that I just might look sort of Irish. this was confirmed to me two minutes later when a guy turned to me and asked, in very bad English “heheeey, are you Irish?” He had that reckless drunken gleam in his eyes, and I just didn’t have the energy to think it was funny even if, in all honesty, it sort of was. So I went home.

6. Men imorgon kväll… då blir det fredag på riktig. Jaaa. tack och lov.


* Yes, really. NerdAlert. It’s actually good, I swear!


One Response to “Beam, and other things”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    Number 4: Wow!!!!!!!!! Impressed!!

    Number 2: People are… weird, admit it! Nothing you can about them, I’m afraid

    Number 4: Ugh!! No thanks.

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