Public Service Announcement

I know this is against the very fibre of the internet, but:

If you know me in Real Life and read this blog regularly, and I don’t already know that you read this blog regularly,* I just want to let you know, we can talk about it. It’s cool. Just sayin’: Everything here, on this blog, is primarily for self-referential purposes. Writing to an audience forces me to attempt to use proper grammar. Secondarily it is for a few fans (you know who you are).

It’s just that WordPress lets me see page views by country, so, for the most part, I know comfortably almost exactly who is reading. However, my statistics have been climbing lately and, trust me, I do not advertise or drive traffic! I often do the opposite: I don’t tag posts, I don’t post to Facebook, I try not to use my name nor, as of late, the real names of others. I’m just curious who else is out there.

Drop me a line. Leave me a comment. Or, tell me at lunch. If you dare.


* Hi, you guys.


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