Meanwhile, in Sweden: Unshaved

Dear Sweden,

Really? A picture of a young woman in a crowd at a concert with a hairy armpit goes viral and awakens a riotous debate in Social media? Over shaving? Srsly? Forgive me if I appear to be laughing (choke). But this is for real.

“It’s not just about a Hairy Armpit,” right? It can’t be. Is it about sexism? Is it about how Hollywood is changing worldwide standards of socially sanctioned concepts of beauty?* Is it about freedom of expression? Decency? Is it about the “Most Politically Correct Country in the World” falling from grace?

Hey. Hey guys. So maybe this debate thing is good. At least we’re talking about our feelings. So, let’s not invent problems, ok? Let’s face some of the things that are truly wrong here.** Is definitely possible. I’m just sayin’… (English!) (way more offensive than hairy armpits)

etc., etc.


/From the inside of a glass house, probably throwing stones.



**Oh, and take heed, America. It’s an election year.


2 Responses to “Meanwhile, in Sweden: Unshaved”

  1. kpfff Says:

    Scene from a lesbian bar, San Francisco, 2012:

    Friend of Friend: Oh hey! How was that thing in Oakland last night?

    Friend: Ugh. It was alright. You know, whenever I go out in Oakland, I just want to bring a razor with me, and shave off all that self-righteous body hair.

    Friend of Friend: (Unzips and removes jacket, exposing a white tank top. Stretches arms above head, revealing an abundance of not-at-all righteous underarm hair.

    Friend: Um. Right. Never mind.

  2. tornspira Says:

    LOL. Clearly this an international issue.

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