Meanwhile, in SoCal….

My dog received a Valentines Day card. “From” the neighbors’ dog. I am dead serious. Does anyone else find that, just in the least bit, silly? I mean, I love animals, but… hmm.

Given, this is Suburban California, the land where people go so far as to hold birthday parties for their pets. Not to mention the fact that my dog is, indeed, a rather dashing specimen:

So, long story short: do you know why I hate myself right now?

I just made a card to give back to the neighbors’ dog. Yes, yes I really did. Don’t look at me like that.

When in Rome, folks. When in Rome.


- \int E\; \cdot\mathrm{d}l

Day, everyone. From my dog.


2 Responses to “Meanwhile, in SoCal….”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    Come on, every dog has his day!
    Couldn’t resist that, sorry!

    But guess what! It’s the sort of daft thing I’d wish I had thought of!
    We all need to lighten up. Find fun wherever fun is.
    For me, it’d be dogs giving dogs cards!

    Go for it!

  2. tornspira Says:

    You’re right! It’s silly, but why not?

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