Land of Enchantment

What I could say about New Mexico is almost not worth the saying. As a geologist I see the rocks, as a physicist I see the light, as a mountain biker I see the trails. All the while I listen, trying to hear the words that come along with it all (iron seeped cliffs and resting lava flows, sagebrush and breathless cindercones,  painted sands and brown pueblos. Oh, and the sun, the sun, the watery sun!) but eventually realize that New Mexico by no means belongs to me. It’s a place so saturated by creation and myth and creation myth, that I’m certain New Mexico has been said better. It’s a place and a time you should see for yourself; how incredibly vast this country is!

From Georgia O’Keeffe,

From Not Georgia O’Keeffe,

And then there’s Beirut,

And for some reason, Scientists too:




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