taking back

Now the dust has long since settled, and as my friend reminds me in an email: “that last post was a bit of an overreaction.” Point taken. I’ll save my rage for something a bit more worthwhile.

Applications to Physics PhDs (choke) are looming, and I’m sitting at my desk, cramming what I know about myself and my convoluted relationship with Physics over the last 4 years (well documented by this blog, in fact) into a crisp 500 words to be copy pasted into some text box in an online application form. Le Personal Statement: You, en bréve. Where to begin?

All the trips down memory lane get me going contemplating the strangeness of the fact that, as of last night, I will never again sit in a class as a student at Berkeley. Considering I pass my last classes, of course. It’s a joyful but melancholy moment, the realization ‘of moving on.’


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