there is just one thing…

I plug in the FPGA board, like I have hundreds of times before. A spark flies and smoke begins to curl out of one of the capacitors. The smell of burning plastic is one of the worst things you can smell in a lab.

Turns out I accidentally used a power supply plug for computer speakers, which has the exact same connector as the power supply for the FPGA and was lying around by the computer and puts out 12V instead of 5V.  Fortunately the thing I destroyed was not so expensive, and hence a good thing to learn my lesson on. Still, I feel a sinking sense of stupidity settle like a rock in the bottom of my stomach. I have to email my professor. How could I have been so careless?

Well if you, my dear must think that-a-way

Absent-mindedness and recklessness seem to be themes for me during the last 72 hours.

Well then surely your mi-ind is roamin’

This morning I’m supposed to be doing something about getting a job or something. Instead, I’m browsing the Plasma section of the Physics library. For no particular reason today I’ve brought along my orange binder. Most of the articles inside of it don’t quite fit,  since they were printed on European paper. It’s messy, but I like it because I recognize the names of all the authors on the articles when they stick out of the top of the binder. Still so much in that binder I don’t understand. I sit down in the library and open it up.

Surely, your hea-art is not wi-ith me…

I have a Physics 105 midterm in two days. Why am I sitting here reading about, of all things, the pbar lifetime in the trap vacuum?

But with that country-y whe-ere you’re goin’

Oh. I think I get it.



One Response to “there is just one thing…”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    We’ve all been there, or are on the way – I don’t mean the Physics: pleeease do not ever let that nightmare become real where I’m stuck in the Physics exam, turn over the paper and … you know how it goes, spiralling ever deeper into despair. No, give me the smell of melted plastic anyday.

    I do enjoy your blogs! Keep ’em coming.

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