heard them stirring

“I LOVE YOU!” A pause in the music, and a surprisingly masculine voice from somewhere in the masses: “I want to have your babies!”

Now, an actual woman: “Me tooooo!”

“Me threeeeeee!” It’s like a call and response hymnal worship out here tonight.

And then, the drummer, looking down at the microphone: “Maybe…maybe you’re really just in love with a deeply complicated web of potential misconceptions.”

I can’t think of a better way to subdue an entire amphitheater of slightly tipsy idolators into several moments of awkward silence than by making them briefly consider the motivation behind their swollen affections, so freely offered up into the chilly September air. God, Fleet Foxes. With deadpan that good, how can I help but love you? Oh and of course, the music. For those harmonies, I’ll misconceive you any day.


Also, good Lord I want a twelve string guitar.


3 Responses to “heard them stirring”

  1. Ohiopyle Says:

    ha, great story. i had no idea their drummer had such a sharp wit.

    great band though, and very jealous of anyone who’s caught them live

  2. katie Says:

    In Seattle:

    Guy: “HEY! PITCHFORK CALLED, THEY WANT TO [perform lewd acts]!!”
    FF guy: “Dude. Come on. My mom is here tonight!”

  3. tornspira Says:

    haha! seriously!? awesome.

    Yeah, I still can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to have seen them live 🙂

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