“20 cm by 40 cm”, I say, staring down at ruler beside the arrangement of electronics that has been the bane of my existence for the last several days. the horror (the horror!) I will gladly blame on National Instruments, Xilinx, and most of all godforsaken Windows Vista. I hate computers. Fixing up a nice plexiglass box for my 20cm by 40com boards will be so much simpler than battling the mystic vodoo of installing drivers on Windows Vista (my terminology here is pretty definitive of problem with physicists being forced to haphazardly masquarade as computer scientists.) All I need is 20cm by 40cm piece of plexiglass and a drillpress, and I’ll be happy.

“Centimeters?” he says. “You’re in AMERICA now.” He flips the ruler around, to the side with inches. My chest seizes up. Holy crap, inches. I forgot about those. A little gray box pops up inside my head. It reads, mockingly:

Error: Your driver is not compatible with this operating platform.


2 Responses to “Compatibility”

  1. Anika Says:

    it’s a sign! a sign to come back to europe! 🙂

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