Ultra Low Vacuum

Back in Berkeley, and yes, Le blog is still alive.

“I’m gonna go fix the vacuum,” I say. As soon as the words leave my mouth, I have to laugh. Fixing the vacuum. Ha.

A newly minted maintenance manager, I sit happily on maroon carpet of Davis House cutting the hair out of the roller brush of the freshly disassembled Kirby Vacuum Cleaner from Nineteensixtywhatever. With CERN in the not so distant past, it’s only a few seconds before I’m dissolved in alumin(i)um foiled and Nitrile gloved Ultra High Vacuum nightmares. Funny, really, how the universe likes to play with symmetries. In one world I’m replacing a broken rubber band and chopping long hippie kid hairs out of the Kirby, in the other I’m seating a copper gasket and blowing errant professorial beard hairs off the front of the MicroChannel Plate with the Nitrogen pressurization line.

I snap the Kirby back together (no pumpout required) and plug ‘er in. She seems to be working. the carpet is becoming more homogeneous at any rate, and the burning smell is gone.

Look at me, I fixed the vacuum. It’s like I’m the technical coordinator for Davis House. Or something. Actually, a bit of a frightening thought. But sometimes you gotta suck it up. (All vacuum puns are absolutely intended)

Bring it, baby. Bring it, Berkeley. Bring. It.


3 Responses to “Ultra Low Vacuum”

  1. Anika Says:

    hihi…well, when my brother once claimed that the vacuum was broken, i could fix it too and was a hero. (i changed the bag 😉

  2. katie Says:

    oh my god marry me arielle

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