Every Girl’s Dream…

Content Warning: mild feminism and the woes of Women in Physics

“You know, you’re part of a pretty exclusive club. there’s only about four women in the world who’ve seen trapped antihydrogen.” Clearly, he’s just extremely proud that his experiment is the only one in the world that can hold on to the fickle antiatom. After all, it’s true: there really are only four women in the world who’ve been in our control room during a successful trap. I start to feel a little proud too, until he continues:

“Statistically, you’re more likely to sleep with Brad Pitt.”

Honestly, it takes a bit of concentration to hold back my guttural instinct to vomit all over him, or at least fight the urge to take a sip of water just so that I can spit it out in disgust. He is, after all, one of the most senior people on the experiment. In hindsight such restraint was, admittedly, well played.

“You know,” I say, the sarcasm only just barely palpable, “I’m really really glad that’s the data point we’re comparing to.”

He chuckles awkwardly. End of Conversation.


2 Responses to “Every Girl’s Dream…”

  1. michael9murray Says:

    It’s so good to see the real world in a grain of scorn (ahem!), in other words this dose of cold reality in such an unknown-to-most-people area of work is quite a wake up call to readers: yes, dinosaurs are real, and they are living amongst us! Beware you are not one yourself!

    I hate to ask for more, because that implies ‘Have a bad day!’, but it is intriguing to see your part of the work world.

    • tornspira Says:

      Oh, there’s much more where this came from…this is one of my favorite gripes…it doesn’t necessarily make me have a bad day and it’s something women in physics just learn to deal with…especially when you’re the only girl in a room full of guys! But looking at what strides women in science have made in the past century, you have to be pretty proud that there even is a girl in that room full of guys!

      Oh and don’t worry, I can assure you as long as I stay in Physics my gripes will probably continue…

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