Strange 20: Grenoble, Grenoble Part 1

As if you hadn’t had enough of Le tour de France.

So much there is to say about the day after riding the Galibier, in which I tagged along with my coworker Will, his wife and his sister to watch the race deciding time trial in Grenoble. With my number of days left in Switzerland dropping below the two week threshold, life has suddenly exploded into a deluge of misbehaving hardware, misbehaving positrons, night shifts, day shifts, farewell dinners, and, ahem, hikes at the base of the Matterhorn (!). Normally I’d have more words, but in the interest of not letting Le Blog die and losing my ten to twenty regular readers (you know who you are), I have decided to resort to Cheating With Modern Technology. Voilá: Stage 20 in pictures and short captions.

Yes, that would be Mark Cavendish, the greatest sprinter in the world, in Green.<3 ❤


Sucks for this guy; they started three minutes apart!

the most Luxembourgian man alive. After I took this picture he introduced me to the former president of Luxembourg, who was also at the race to support Schleck^2.

At the line. See that open window in the press booth? Phil and Paul were in there!

Cómo se dice ‘venga’ en Vasco?


Perhaps even better representin’

Andy’ s only day in the Malloit Jaune

After Cadel’s victory, and down the middle of the street: “Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! Oj Oj Oj!!!!”


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