Back in the saddle

Much to the amusement of the Swiss Helium delivery men and the befuddled physicists of all kinds wandering by the bike shed this afternoon, I fixed the flat on the back wheel of le red mountain bike, the bike I get to borrow for the summer, without too much ado and I rode it home from CERN. After toodling around Geneva and discovering a gigantic public loppis/flohmarkt/flee market/whatever the heck it is in French  in the process, I decided to take it out on some trails. Also, today was the day they changed the code to get into my building, so I couldn’t get in.  What better way to wait for my flatmates to get off work?

I rode the trail I usually run, along the river. It’s mostly fire road, with some more narrow sections and a few sweet kickers. I wasn’t looking for any near death experiences. Afterall, I was still in street clothes and a backpack.

About the bike: I soon discovered that neither wheel is true, it’s finicky with shifting, the brakes are dubious, it’s a tad too small and it weighs approximately two times as much as my bike at home. But, it’s a free bike. A mountain bike. And there’s nothing in the world quite like the feeling of your heart bursting up a short steep climb and then your stomach falling out as you rush down the other side.

Jura mountains, here I come. Although, maybe only after I fix the breaks.

After my ‘ride’, I gave up on waiting for my flatmates to come home to get in the building and decided to try my luck convincing a lady to let me in. “J’habite ici! Je n’ai pas le code noveau. Je suis desolé, je ne parle pas francais…men, men…(I couldn’t remember the word for ‘but’ in French but I remembered it sounds like ‘men’) j’habite ici! Merci, merci!” She asked me to repeat myself, then asked me to call my flatmates. “Je ne peux apeller…je n’ai mon mobil” She narrowed her eyes and then at last let me in. Very, very doubtfully. Good thing I’m a girl. Otherwise, I’d probably still be waiting outside.

But it doesn’t matter if my neighbor lady thinks I’m a incomprehensible tramp. Because I now, I’m an incomprehensible tramp with a bike.



One Response to “Back in the saddle”

  1. sannlille Says:

    Oh joyous day you got the bike, now the guitar… 🙂

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