A run around town, with the camera

Boy, they sure do know the kind of pictures tourists like to take in Old town Geneva.

View from my apartment. In the background some where invisible: Mont Blanc.*

Le Rhone**, a river impossibly aqua. From the trail (yes, trail! Can you say ‘singletrack’?) near my apartment

Sketchy as you know what bridge on said single track. the top of the photo is actually the beginning of a 20 meter dropoff.

that, my friends, is a classic example of a glacially formed U shaped valley. thank you, EPS 50.

Badställe? Swimming spot?

And at last, the beautiful, the famous, the enormous, Lake Geneva. Lac Lemán, as it is in that language I cannot speak. It definitely gives Mälaren a run for it’s money.


* A correction has been appended to this entry. I was under the impression that the pointy mountain in the background was Mt. Blanc. However, at the time I took this photo, I had actually never seen Mt. Blanc, as it is often shrouded by cloud cover. I saw it for the first time yesterday, as I was leaving my first night shift at CERN in the clear morning light. Mont Blanc is, unsurprisingly, white. And, it’s beautiful.

the daily saga regrets the error.

**Yet another correction has been appended to this entry. A previous version of this post said the river was L’Arve. It is in fact Le Rhone. I was geographially confused.

the daily saga regrets the error.

(God, two corrections in one post. My editor’s gonna kill me.)


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2 Responses to “A run around town, with the camera”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    All so beautiful! (I promise I won’t comment on every single blog post from Geneva. Maybe.) Glad you’re getting to spend time above ground.

  2. tornspira Says:

    I like the comments! At least I know someone is reading 🙂

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