tales from the road: CA to Geneva

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Schweiz, Schweiz, Suisse, Switzerland. More to come on PhysicsLand in the near future.

Step 0: Santa Ana to SFO

Uneventful. Except realizing I forgot my laptop charger about 10 minutes in. Hence delay of blog post. I’m waiting for it in the mail and borrowing in the meanwhile. Remembered the bike shorts, but not the computer charger. typisk.

Step 1: SFO to Amsterdam Schipol

“It’s a shame I didn’t get to see San Francisco,” the businessman beside me sighs. “Do you live here?” I tell him yeah, I do, and it’s a beautiful city. Really is a shame, you’ll just have to come back. “I was only here for a one day meeting, and then back to Europe,” he continues. I ask where he’s headed back to. “Sweden,” he says causually. My eyebrows shoot through the ceiling. Imagine the odds!

“Då får jag snacka lite Svenska med dig,” I respond. He’s clearly taken aback.

“Va?! är du svensk?” Are you Swedish?? He asks. And then of course I have to explain. But so does he: the reason I couldn’t place his accent in English at first was becuase he’s actually from Iran, and has lived in Sweden for 30 years. Once a kth (Stockholm’s technical school) educated engineer, he now flys all around the world starting medical imaging clinic for the early detection of cancer. Not even back to Europe yet, and a whole plane flight of Swedish conversation. Can you even begin to imagine my joy?

Step 2: Amsterdam to Geneva

Barring the threat of yet another Icelandic volcano. Schipol, Schipol, Schipol…I can’t stop saying the name of the airport in my head as I sit drowsily watching the airport promotional video playing on the monitor above the waiting area over and over again. In the video, a blonde woman is trying in vain to qualm her crying child. A Schipol Airport attendant approaches and with knowing kindness places a colorful bandaid over the child’s scraped knee before turning and beaming at the camera. I’m mesmerized until my flight is called.

Step 2.5: Alps.

Geneva from the air is a fantasy, and the alps are mountains suspended in sky. they warrant more poetry then I’m capable of before the battery of my laptop dies. I promise I post devoted soley to this in the near future.

Step 3: Geneva to Geneva

At the Swiss border I am gleefully reminded of the reason why the Von trapp family escaped to Switzerland. At the Swiss border, no one checks your passport.Weird.

Geneva buses are, as the rumors will tell you, fast, frequent, and reliable. Google Maps, Geneva, however, is not, and I soon find myself at the right bus stop in the wrong place. I walk around for a while, looking for 47 Blvd de St. Georges, which, according to Google maps is my flatmates’ office building but according to reality is a cemetery. After lugging 50 lbs of my life around downtown for a while, I whipped out the ol’ Swedish cellphone and found the right bus to get on. I then lugged 50 lbs of my life into the very stylish corporate office of my flatmates, got the code, the keys, and the directions. Everything goes according to plan, for once, and I find my room.

Yes, those are rooftops and Alps out my window. It’s beautiful. Except the jackhammer that start each morning below my window at 7 AM. Not to worry, this has actually been the case with EVERY SINGLE PLACE I’VE LIVED in the last three years. I remember my disappointment when I discovered in Sweden I had moved away from the Stadium construction in Berkeley only to live next to the Parentesen construction. Such is the story of my life, it seems.

At any rate, I sleep for five hours before meeting two of my fashionable and sweet marketinglady flatmates again, me selfconciously in my pajamas.

Suisse, Suisse, suisse. Je ne se pas!


ps. Witnessed a brief but freak summer storm today while I was at CERN. I give you, a rainbow over PhysicsLand. Can you just barely see it?


2 Responses to “tales from the road: CA to Geneva”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Hurrah, sounds like everything’s starting off well! (minus one computer charger)

  2. tales from the Road: LA to Geneve « the daily saga Says:

    […] Also, compare to last time. […]

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