that one’s a doosie

It’s 1 AM on a Monday when Emma discovers that her new Davis House hoodie is the epitome of Davis House garb. Not because it has a picture of Julia Morgan’s head photoshopped onto the body of a dinosaur screenprinted on its back, no.  But because when she wears it with maroon pants (which, yes, she inexplicably owns) she matches the carpet. Like a ninja or a chameleon, she vanishes against her surroundings. Sort of. Emma IS the final stair. Hilarity increases exponentially each time she almost gets stepped on, until at last there is a small crowd in the foyer, waiting to watch the reaction (characteristically: “OH MY GOD!”) of the next unwitting, weary victim of the living staircase. Until of course, the final stair realizes that she’s laying on the floor at 1 AM on a Monday, mutters something about wondering how the heck this whole thing started, gets up with remarkable grace (for a stair) and walks away.


One Response to “that one’s a doosie”

  1. Ultra Low Vacuum « the daily saga Says:

    […] newly minted maintenance manager, I sit happily on maroon carpet of Davis House cutting the hair out of the roller brush of the freshly disassembled Kirby Vacuum […]

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