the face of God

96 % of the Universe looks like this—except we can’t see it, at least not optically. It’s Dark Matter/Energy. When lifetimes upon lifetimes are spent studying the physics of laws that may only apply to a small, small fraction of what’s out there, you begin to wonder: What if the bigger questions, the ones we can’t answer or even see—aren’t meant for science? At a certain point, all truth is reduced to belief.


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3 Responses to “the face of God”

  1. Alia Says:

    Your post title is either intentionally or unintentionally quoting my favorite poem of all time (“OF ALL TIME,” agreed Kanye West), so, +100 points.

  2. that has such people in it « the daily saga Says:

    […] of many universes, pocketed within each other, each with its own physics: Its own $hbar$, its own cosmological constant. All of them are exotic with respect to each other and with our Universe (and galaxy (and solar […]

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