temprature dependance

Out of nowhere there is snow. Like the time it snowed in Aprilthe novelty is  in the sheer shock of it. I look down at my feet  and watch the patches of white grow fractally around them, the ground disappearing at the same rate. I oddly think of first magnetizing dipoles and diffusion patterns branching out in a MatLab simulation. Looking up into the now wild snowfall, I notice that the air feels cold, and I think: snart ska vi ha en snötäckte stad. That’s when it hits me: this isn’t Berkeley.

I opened my eyes and realized I had slept all night with the window open, the air outside having just barely cooled from the heat of the day before. It’s seven AM and the edge of morning is beginning to wrap its way around the TransAmerica building on the other side of the Bay. November in Berkeley means not red leaves but red sunsets, not first snows but Indian summers; the residue of the woody, sweaty scent of July still rising mockingly from the ground.


2 Responses to “temprature dependance”

  1. sannlittle Says:

    beatiful post

  2. Cyrogenic, and Salève « the daily saga Says:

    […] pop before March and makes them wilt by June. In California, I shunned jackets, I slept with the windows open, I rode my bike while wearing short sleeves and short fingered […]

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