jag är den dumaste som finns, aka R.I.P. Allez

warning: bad news and major self pity. Also, unhealthy emotional attachment to an inanimate object.

Well, this time it seems like it is for good.

My bike is gone.

After an almost unbelievable amount of cycling and mind-boggling logistic public transport through the lower third of Sweden, I have lost my most valued possession, my blue Specialized Allez, and right out from under my nose at that.

After many hours in a car driving down from Hartzö, I unloaded all my stuff and locked somewhat nonchalantly my bike in the garden behind the house. I was exhausted and not really thinking too clearly, but I thought to check on the bike the next day to see if it was still there anyway. It was, so I thought my lock job must have been ok and didn’t recheck it. Stupidest decision, ever.

The next morning I checked, and the bike was gone. All they had to do it turns out was spin the wheel a little bit and undo the quick release and they had every thing but the back wheel. In short: I am a major idiot.

I have never really felt homesick in Sweden. But at that moment, when I saw that the bike was gone, I sat down in the middle of the walk way and thought to myself that I just wanted to disappear from Lund and be at home, with my bike still in my possession and my family and friends around me. Unfortunately, that was impossible. So what I did instead was make a police report in Swedish (that was a first), put up signs all around (no death threats this time), checked the Swedish craig’s list, and walked around the neighborhood checking bike racks. Then I ate a lot of chocolate. And OK, I cried a little.

I could write a long obituary for the Allez, but that might make me seem just a little bit more insane than I already do. I will just say that the Allez served me well for six years: From riding the back bay route with the volleyball team (the only part I was good at during volleyball, which I wasted a good part of my life on in high school), to countless grizzly-peaks and redwood-wildcats, to a good season of road racing, to a trip from SF to LA, to a trip from Lund to Uppsala to Hartzö with a Vätternrundan in between, the Allez had a good life. I just wish it didn’t have to end at that. I really, really loved that bike.

On the plus side, I now have an entire bike box to fill with Swedish cheese to take back to California. Prästost, anyone?

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8 Responses to “jag är den dumaste som finns, aka R.I.P. Allez”

  1. sannlittle Says:

    hi soooooo sorry! maybe if you post a “missing” picture with a promise of $ reward right by where it was taken?Poor little allez – kept going even with missing spokes! keep you chin up 🙂

  2. AV Says:

    Aw, Arielle!
    Remember that time that your bike went missing? And came back with a new saddle? Maybe (maybe?) this will be similar?

  3. tornspira Says:

    That’s the problem: I think I used up all my good luck the last time I lost my bike 😦

  4. Alia Says:

    What! I thought Sweden had no crime? Well, I have faith — if not in the bike’s return, then in the fact that karma’s a bitch and whoever stole it will, lacking your mad skills, eat shit riding it down some sketchy unpaved hill and spend four hours picking gravel out of their wounds. So there.

  5. Sabrina Says:

    Noo! How lousy… I am glad this didn’t happen where it would have left you stuck somewhere mid-journey, but what a sucky ending. I take it this means the gray/red cannondale will get a chance to tour the hills of Berkeley. Looking forward to having you back, hope the rest of the time in Lund goes better!

  6. Alia Says:

    Dude I LOVE that Cannondale. I seriously wanted to buy it off you the second I saw it … good thing I managed to control myself.

  7. Home Security : Says:

    the thing i love about bike racks is that they keep your bicycle secure in one place against thieves–`

  8. Le lingua franca « the daily saga Says:

    […] Just like my old Specialized! I know that one, it means “go!” Still it’s a little creepy that that guy yelled […]

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