Katrineholm, in one piece

The last five days, I have been on my bike riding from Kalmar to Katrineholm, Sweden. I going to be giving the story to you in brief impressions, as I can only use my friend’s grandma’s computer for so long! Here comes the first one,  from day 3 – also known as the worst day.

Det blåste bort. It blew away.

That was theme of the morning three days ago when we though we had lost our tent to a monsterous windstrom on the shores of the lake in Bankaholm.

But even before I went down to the campsite and noticed the missing tent, my day had nät been going so well- I had ridden 50 km on dirt roads on a road bike with 50 pounds of very jimmy-rigged packing on the back of it– held together mostly by plastic zip-ties and bungee cords the day before, and it had been raining for the last 48 hours. I hit the breaking point when I thought I saw rust on my chain and then slipped in goose poop and fell in the water. But I guess I didn’t know what the real breaking point was until I saw that the tent was gone.

What ensued was two hours of frustrated searching, a feeling akin to utter despair, and then giving up and deciding to ride on.

Two and a half hours and 23 km down a hilly dirt road later, we got a call from the woman at the campning place. They found our tent. Thank God for small favors. The only catch was, we had to come and fetch it.

No way would we all make it back to Bankaholm and to Västervik in the same day. The only solution seemed to be a 46-km cyclocross induvidual time trial on my part. So it was off with the packing, on with the cal jersey (yea!) and on to the dirt road back to the camp. I fetched the tent, chatted with the garderner (who had a hilarious småland accent) and roadback to where Annika and Johanna stood on the side fo the road. Dang, was I tired when we got to Västervik. 

We got to the camping place so late that there was no one there to check us in. So instead of getting a real camping place, we set up the tent on a lawn outside of some little cottages. Then a dog came and did his business right next to us, then an entire family came out of there house to take a family photo as we were eating dinner. It was sort of awkward, but we were just happy to have a place to sleep.

And it only got better from there. (to be continued)


Up next is Vätternrundan, the 300 km race. I’ll try to put up more stories from the way up here, but we’ll see what I can manage before Vättern. Wish me luck!

ps. It is 11 Pm and it looks like 4 pm outside. This is insane-


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