On hiatus: Vår underbara resa igenom Sverige

We’ve got a plan. Lund to Kalmar on a train. Then bike to Katrineholm, then to Motala, then race Vätternrundan (Sweden’s longest and most famous road race), then ride to Stockholm, then drive to Hartzö (an island in Stockholm’s archipelago) for midsommar. And then… who knows?

This is shaping up to be a pretty intense and amazing month I have ahead of me. Sweden is so unfathomably vast—although it is only as big as California, the sparseness of the population and the abundance of nature makes it so. The greeness just seems to spill out of the earth, at times the air is so fragrant with the smell of blossoms that it is almost too much.


The bike bags are back on the bike. My room is a disaster and I have a matter of hours before I move out. If I had a nickel for each time that’s happened to me…

I just got vaccinated against Lyme Disease because apparently Småland is chock-full of one of the few living things on this Earth that I can say I truly hate: ticks. On the plus side, I survived getting a shot in Swedish, which is something that is formidable to me even in English. Yes, I am that much of a wuss.

I finally bought my own camping pad. Believe it. I used to be a hard believer in sleeping on the ground (pun totally intended). Now I am even more of a wuss. But the dollar is up, so, it was time! And after all, I have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to be sleeping the the forest. A lot.

That all being said, the daily saga will henceforth be on hiatus from regular posting. I’ll try to update and post if I find computers to use along the way (just so that you can rest assured that I am alive).

Hej då Skåne! Vi ses i augusti! Här kommer vi, Småland, Vättern, Stockholm och Hartzö ; )


One Response to “On hiatus: Vår underbara resa igenom Sverige”

  1. sannlittle Says:

    Hi – Looking for carrot or cucumber update ? Down by the river! ?
    Hope all is well… 🙂

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