Farewell, Sweet Parentesen

A Letter to Parentesen (means the parenthesis), my dorm, which I will be moving out of on Thursday.

Dearest and most beloved Parentesen,

Loath am I to leave your tender and welcoming embrace. The thought of waking up each day without your cloud-gray parenthetical shape seems yet more like a cruel doom than a natural course in the movement of my life. And yet, on Thursday, I must take my leave of you, most likely for all eternity.

Never will I forget the times we have had together. The time I awoke to find the kitchen table split clean in half is a memory so fond I am certain I will look back on it for as long as I shall live. Or the weekend of Valborg, in which your fervent worshipers partied long into the night, climbing dangerously on your roof, casting all imaginable forms of trash in every direction in celebration of you.  Certainly I shall never forget the time when a couch was lit on fire between your parenthetical arms and for but a brief moment  the dark, cold winter night was transformed into a warm red-orange flare of heretical passion. A flare of heretical passion which allowed me to see the Swedish fire department for the first time!

O! Who will be there now to blast “Spice Up Your Life” out their window while I am feverishly attempting to sleep at four AM? Or play “Don’t Stop Believing” no less than three times in one hour? How will I go on living without the drunken choruses of the “Du Gamla Du Fria” or any one of Michael Jackson’s songs serenading me at all hours of the night? How will I know it’s time to wake up if there is not the scream of an errant fire alarm to rouse me from slumber?  How strange it will be to go into a shower stall and not have graffiti reading “(So-and-so) loves Ass” awkwardly staring at me as I bathe? Even stranger yet to store my food in a kitchen that would not fail all possible health inspections! I think I will just feel empty inside when I am no longer greeted by your permanently dirt-coated floor, visibly bacterial cutting boards, and meat-fat coated cooking surfaces.

Though we must both go our separate ways, o my dear, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Likewise I am certain you will find yet another unsuspecting exchange student to harass and nurture…and of course love as you have loved me.

Thanks for all the good times, and take care, my beloved.

Yours Now and Forever,



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