I am blaming entropy for the apparent lack of bloggage. That, and Lundakarneval.

Let’s just say in the last couple of days I’ve calculated a lot of Boltzmann factors, been majorly depressed by the Second Law, and waged a pitiful war against Bose-Einstein Condensation.

I also saw a really cool Icelandic Band (that wasn’t Sigur Ros), marveled at the world’s best Micheal Jackson impersonator, went to a cirkus, watched one heck of a hilarious politically insensitive parade, and got a weird sunburn.

Studying for a massive Thermodynamics test and enjoying Karneval (think huge three-day student run fair in the center of the University that’s so important that it’s got its own brand of beer) has been no small feat. Will I make it through the test on Tuesday unscathed? Hopefully. Will I post amusing photographs of people in crazy costumes and makeup? Most likely. Stay tuned to this space to find out!

But not until after Tuesday. Sorry. From here on out, Statistisk Termodynamik is the book and volume of my brain.*

Det stora plugg behövs! Starkt! : /  Nu kör vi!!

See you on Tuesday, internets.


* Whoever gets this reference also wins, as usual, the only prize I have to give: my undying affection.

** Whoever gets both the reference I mentioned above AND the reference in the title of this post wins an affection that is EVEN MORE undying.  Yes, that’s possible.


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2 Responses to “s=kln(omega)”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    So how’d it go? And I would say that I win on both accounts, but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you the full expressions for k or omega (there are exponentials involved…rt?) so I’ll settle for .75 u.a. and accept my prize in Ridge visits. 😉

  2. tornspira Says:

    Dude! k is the Boltzmann constant and omega is the multiplicity. This is the formula for entropy that Boltzmann has engraved on his tombstone. And as of yesterday, it also the epitaph on the tombstone for my decent GPA. Rest in peace, my dignity.

    And by the way people who already have my undying affection don’t have to compete for it 🙂 Though I do think it’s fun to make people guess stuff…

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