soda pop, ritalin, and musical theater

Warning: Post completely unrelated to Sweden. GASP! I posted on this on the Daily Cal Arts Blog a view days ago and forgot to share it with you. But clearly, the theatrical career of Green Day is of utmost importance, so here it comes, nonetheless belated.

The Tony nominations came out the other day and low and behold, “American Idiot,” aka the Green Day musical, aka the show that consumed my life for a couple weeks last fall and made me frenenmies with a couple publicists, aka the show that I got to go to on opening night and sit in the front row, like, two rows away from Green Day (true story)…. has earned three Tony Noms: Best Musical, Best Scenic Design, Best Lighting.

And although I still hold fast to my declaration that “American Idiot” is not a musical but rather a 90 minute live music video with flashy lights and a lot of hormonal rage, I am proud to see it nominated. I listened to “American Idiot” probably 20 times sequentially before seeing the show, and despite Green Day’s notoriously simplistic instrumentation, I can’t say that the album didn’t grow on me (There: I sorta like Green Day. I owned it. Happy?) . “American Idiot” said some interesting things politically and embodied cliche youthful angst and malaise to a generation that identified with exactly that.

On another note, does anyone else taste the injustice in the air? At the same time “American Idiot” is getting named for Tonys, 924 Gilman, the Berkeley punk club that made Green Day what is, is on the verge of going under financially. Ouch. But such is life on the tough streets of Berkeley. I for one, have a feeling they’ll make it through.

For further information:

Check out my post on the Daily Cal Arts blog, in which I reference Green Day, Queen Victoria, and Stephen Sondheim in the same article. Theater is a weird and fantastic world, my friends.

Copy paste that baby into your address bar if you’re interested. Goodness, it felt good writing a post on Berkeley theater!

(the reason I don’t link directly to Daily Cal stuff is because I don’t want pingbacks to this blog posted on the Daily Cal site. If you don’t know what a pingback is…just forgetta ’bout it.)


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