Se upp Mölle! Här kommer vi!

T-minus 7 hours. First bike trip up the coast to Mölle – only 90 km, less than what I’ve been riding most Sundays, but with packing to stay the night in Mölle at Annika’s family’s house. And then on Sunday – Ven! That’s right Tycho and Kepler’s old stomping grounds!

I just spent three hours watching the entire 1960s Swedish TV series “Kullamannen” (set in the area we are traveling to) with Lena and Johanna and taping (yes. taping) together my ghetto-fabulous saddlebag setup. So one can say that ‘the pony’ is wearing  ‘workhorse’ tack. Whoooo hooo! I have a feeling that this blog’s audience will appreciate my mediocre ingenuity involving tape, so I’ll post pictures later.

Also, I am totally bringing my tin whistle. Yup, that one. Think Sweden might begin to regret letting me in?

Considering the fact that there are 10 really drunk Swedish chicks and one even drunker dude singing rancourously outside of my window…

maybe not?

Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep.

But Seriously…. Don’t expect anything on the blog for the next two days, OK? Can’t take the laptop with me without risking an exacerbated repeat of the Great Computer-Charger Disaster of April, 2010 (which basically involved a computer charger, a waterbottle, Steve Jobbs getter 695 kronor richer, and me getting 695 kronor poorer).

See you on Tuesday, internets!


One Response to “Se upp Mölle! Här kommer vi!”

  1. AV Says:

    Happy and safe travels, Arielle! Get some sleep! (I just got the new-posting alert in my inbox and thought: that’s odd. It must be late there.)

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