almost famous

Yesterday evening as I rolled up to Clemenstorget right in the nick of time (read: almost late) I found CK Lunedi all lined up and posing for a dude with a semi-professional-looking camera. I hopped right in the middle between Denize and Mountainbike-kille (sorry, I mean Daniel, the German one) and grinned a big, holy-crap-it’s-freeezing-but-we’re-still-gonna-ride-grin. After the photo was snapped someone explained that the founding member of our club was being honored as cyclist of the year in Lund, and that the photo would run in Skånska Dagbladet (local paper) the next day. Boy, was excited to make the newspaper!

Excited until I actually picked up Skånska Dagbladet this morning and discovered that the photographer had used one of the pictures that had been taken before I showed up. They may call it ‘choosing the best picture,’ but I call it gross editorializing and possibly even libel.

CK Lunedi, minus one very important member

I should be right in between the shorter girl in the black jacket and the guy in the white (yup, that’s mountainbike). Right in the middle there. Just imagine me there, because trust me, I was! But in any case, there they are, CK Lunedi, my Swedish biking pals. They are awesome. Skånska Dagbladet: not so awesome. From now on I read only Sydsvenskan and that’s that.

Oh, if you can read Swedish and are interested, here’s the article about the club founder.


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One Response to “almost famous”

  1. sabrinal Says:

    Nice, trees in the background are amazing!

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