bike talk = cykelsnack

Just for fun. I think that it would be an awesome strategy for Cal women cyclists to communicate with each other in Swedish during races next year, like a secret code. It works better than Spanish, because it is far less likely to be understood. Just imagine the amount of confusion we could inflict on the WCCC! Let’s come back with a vengeance, I say. And since I’m pretty sure that Cal cyclists make up about half (maybe more) of my blog’s audience, I see no reason why we shouldn’t get started learning.

Here is what I got off the top of my head in the terms of useful phrases:

Klung = Pack, cyklist=cyclist, linjelopp=Road race, tempo=Time Trial, jobbig = this is hard/this sucks

Rulle = wheel, växla= shift!, hålla på = hold on, Hänga med= hang with, Jag kör fram = I’m coming in front, ligga bakom mig = get on my wheel, Missa inte! = don’t miss it (Is this selection at all telling of what these dudes usually say to me?)

öka tempot= increase the tempo, sänka tempot = reduce the tempo, ta det lugnt = calm down! stanna (or stopp) = stopping, håll= hole in the road, dra = to pull, ta en drag= take a pull, däck= tire, pumpa=pump, punka (punktering) = flat tire, slang= tube, kedja= chain, styre = handlebars, pedlar=pedals, hjälm = helmet.

Höger=right, vänster= left, sväng = turn, rondellen=roundabout, vattenflaska=waterbottle, camelback = camelback, bil bak = Car back, bil fram = Car up

backar= hills, brant= steep, uppförsbacken=uphill, nedförsbacken=downhill, medvinden = with the wind, motvinden= against the wind. Tappa = to drop, jag tappas = I’m dropping, Vi delas upp = we’re splitting up, Vänta lite = wait a second, TAPPA DEM!! = Drop the bastards!!!

KÖR!!!! = GO!!!

FY FAN!!! = Dang!!

Fortare = faster! Snabbare = faster!

Jävlar !! = Literally translated, “devils”. Loosely translated, Damn (or worse) !!


andas= breathe…

Jag har kraft kvar! = I’ve got some strength left!

Tryck på gasen! = Step on the gas! Vill du klara dig?= will you make it?

Ja = Yes, Nej = No. Choose one.

Jag är helt hängd = I am totally dead now.

Jag bonkar = I’m bonking (just kidding, this doesn’t exist, I totally made it up. But if I could have just one thing to add to the Swedish language, I think this would be it).

Jag är burrito-sugen = hot damn I really wanna burrito right now.

Now start studying! I want you all speaking perfect bike-Swedish when I get back. Extra credit and I’ll love you forever if it’s Skånska.

6 Responses to “bike talk = cykelsnack”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Agreed, sort of. I can’t think how you would say about half of those, meaning you would have to repeat them on every longish road ride before the season. Also, cykelsnack sounds a lot like cycle snack, which is definitely a good idea.

    Wish you and the other cal cycling ladies were around! People here are too responsible to come mountain biking on weekday afternoons. 😛

  2. tornspira Says:

    Haha- the first time I heard the word “snacka” I guessed it meant snack too. But nope, a snack (as in delicious between-meals eating) is actually encompassed in “fika”.

    Also, OMG I totally rode my road bike on ~50 m of easy single track (read: hiking trail) at night! It was exhilarating!

  3. Anna W Says:

    With the risk of stating the obvious, I’m all for this strategy! (or, I would be, if I could still race for Cal Cycling.) But are there really post-ride Burritos available in Sweden?

    Nar du kommer tillbaka far du lara mig lite autentiskt svenskt cykelsnack. Jag kan bara Kaliforniskt cykelsnack.

  4. tornspira Says:

    Haha… Jag önskar att du kunde tävla med oss nästa år, det hade vara jätte skoj att snacka svenska i klungen medan vi kör uppför McEwen : )

    I can see the looks on the other girls’ faces now…!

    Nope, tvyärr finns det inga sådana burritos i Sverige. Det var därför var jag så hemsk burrito-sugen! Jag är tvungen att vara njöd med falafel istället, men det är ju inte lika gott!

  5. AV Says:

    I’m waiting for the podcast of this entry so that I can practice. I’ll be done soon, though, so I guess it’d do no good.

  6. tornspira Says:

    Yes, maybe I should expanding my obsessive need to blog everything to a multimedia level. It is the future of journalism after all. Though it might be more accurate if I could convince a real Swede to make the podcast. On second thought it would be far more hilarious if I did it. lol. I promise you a Swedish lesson when I get back if you want though : )

    WAIT! you’re almost done?!?!?! wooooo hooooo!!!!! When?

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