Every new begining is…

Some other beginning’s end. Sorry, I’ll stop with the pop-culture titles here soon, but anyone wanna guess where that one’s from? I’ll give you a hint: It was a one-hit-wonder.

But what I really mean is this: VarGlad Spexet’s avslutningsfest (wrap-up party)


The small crowd of people barely fills out half the room, but that doesn’t stop them from dancing. I sit for a moment in the chairs along the wall, and watch, trying to take in as much as the darkened room allows. There’s the one who is the crazy-good dancer, and the one who is just the crazy dancer. There’s the girl who dances simply by shuffling her feet back and forth, lightly touching each high-heeled shoe to the ground and smiling in time with the music. There’s the two guys that like to dance somewhat dangerously with each other.  Someone gets lured into a Swedish-style swing, and suddenly there are several couples whirling about the floor.

“Tycker du inte om att dansa?” Don’t you like dancing?

“Jo, det gör jag. Men jag vill bara sitta och kolla i en stund för att kom i håg det senare. Det är ju min sista gång med spexet ikväll.”

Yeah, I do. But I just want to sit and watch for a bit, so I can remember it later. It’s my last time with the Spex, you know.”

“Mmmmmm” Ahhh, yes. I understand.

I sit a while longer, and try to catch all of their faces in my mind—but I can nevertheless feel them turning into memories. It is as if the whirling figures before me are already vanishing in a future thousands of miles away from here. Soon, I think, the most of friends who are living and breathing tonight will be little more than stories I will tell my grandchildren one day. I can see it now:

“When I was young, I lived for a little while in Sweden. I was a part of this crazy thing called a Spex. There was music, bad jokes, dinner parties, and lots and lots of song and dance…”

And it will seem so far away. It already does.

On my way out, I got a lot of hugs (hugging, believe it or not, is not awkward in Sweden). I walked home through the safe streets of Lund, all the while the beginning of the end welling up in an unexpected sort of sadness. Even knowing I still have time left here, I can’t help but feeling a little bit like I am not ready to leave.


2 Responses to “Every new begining is…”

  1. Monica Says:

    You are such a wonderfully sentimental person. Hopefully there have been no overwhelming bouts of sadness as you walk down stairs…

  2. SabrinaL Says:

    and they are now a part of you forever

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