le big mac

Last night I sat in a restaurant and watched a bunch of Swedish cyclists eat their hamburgers and french fries with forks and knives.  I was having a bit of trouble getting a word in, so floating the theme of Paris-Roubaix into the general chatter seemed like a good idea. It was. The topics of conversation thereafter ranged everywhere from Fabian Cancellara to derailleurs  to drafting techniques to cross-country skiing to tanlines to average times to how much triathalons suck. At that moment, all of a sudden, I felt like I had known them all for years.

Same, same, but different. Funny how these things are.


* Anyone who gets the reference the title of this post is making, you win the Pop Culture Genius of the Day Award.


4 Responses to “le big mac”

  1. AV Says:

    Wasn’t there a NYTimes article about the French eating burgers with silverware not too long ago?

    • tornspira Says:

      I don’t know, maybe? But they do it in Sweden too. Germans, however, eat with their hands. Interesting….

      If that was your guess for pop culture genius of the day award, I was actually trying to reference Pulp Fiction. There’s a conversation that the two main characters have about how it’s the little differences that matter, i.e the French calling it “le Big mac” instead of just Big mac.

      But since you’re the only one that guessed (and NYTimes knowledge is nothing to sneeze at) you win by default.

      AV = Pop Culture genius of the Day!

  2. AV Says:

    I missed the Pulp Fiction reference until you pointed it out. It turns out that it’s not only in cycling that I count on earning points because of lack of competitors.

  3. Schwiezs Guld (och Blå) « the daily saga Says:

    […] a shrimp sandwhich. After all, the world is the world is the world, and it’s really only the little differences that […]

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