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Reasons why Skåne is an amazing place to ride a bike:

1. No Tunnel rd.

2. No Wildcat Canyon rd.

3. Sometimes these little things called castles pop up on the horizon.

Yesh, like that one.

and that one. Nope, definately not in Kansas anymore.

4. Getting caught in giant, manure-filled tractor tailwind adds an enticing element of danger.

5. BABY LAMBS. (Sorry, I should have taken a picture. But I couldn’t stop. I had an awesome tailwind. I knew you’d understand.)

6. Pooooonies!

7. Long streches of fairly flat road with a nice sprinkling of managable rollers.

8. Looming forests.

9. Windmills

10. Skies so big that it makes Montana jealous

11. Country roads have so few turnoffs, it makes it hard to get lost.

12. Sensical signage. The road I took to Hörby: “Hörbyvägen”. The road I took home to Lund: “Lundavägen”.

13. Harmonious marriage of pastoral resplendence and hyper-modern renewable energy.

14. I don’t think it will ever be too hot—at least not when compared with The Great Santa Cruz Dehydration Debacle of 2009.

15. Skånespåret. 800 km of cykeltrails that connect all of Skåne.

16. Every once in a while, you’ll pass someone riding rollerblades and using ski poles (Vassaloppet training, maybe?)

17. Roundabouts (rondellar) and cobblestones (kullersten) povide ample opportunity to imagine you are in le Tour de France.

18. Very old buildings that provide ample opportunity to imagine you are in another time, or at least in The Lord of the Rings.

19.  Skåne churches.

20. Reason Twenty is poooonies again.


So to summarize:

Number of months waited to ride bike: 3

Number of dollars to bring bike on airplane: 50

Number of times I’ve been dropped by CK Lunedei: Same as the number of rides with CK Lunedei I’ve been on.


Blowing a snot-rocket in a perfectly quaint medieval street or agrarian landscape somewhere in Sweden: Priceless. O my. It all just became worthwhile.


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