Never did I think that Spring could come so suddenly. Spring in California is a continuation, a rainy transition from mostly light to always light, from beautiful but occasionally disagreeable days to beautiful and always beautiful days. Spring goes unnoticed, shuffled off as an awkward middle child, just another season in the perpetual cycle of sunny days.

Here, it as if as soon as the calender changed to March 20, the weather changed it’s mind. The sky today is even bluer I think, after months of cloud cover.  I had forgotten what it was like to wake up with the sun already fully shining or to watch light slowly fade into darkness at the end of the day. In winter, black fades to grey, and at “sunset,” grey fades to black. At the late hour of 6 PM, I can now watch the color of the sky fade from deep orange to dark, clear blue. Spring..våren…det är vår i luften! And just a month ago one could ride cross country skis in the city park. Smiling people are beginning to appear on every park bench, and big jackets are slowly but surely starting to go out of style. I suppose this unexpected, immediate change is the reason the is called “spring.” I never really understood that until today.

I wanted to be the first one in Lund to go running in only shorts. Unfortunately an old man with a handlebar mustache beat me to it.


But, the countdown has begun. In t-minus (does anyone know what that actually means?) 22 hours I will be on my first bike ride. CK Lundei, the local cycling club has the first introduktionsrundan ( intro-go-round) ride tomorrow. I just pumped up my tires. Dug out my shoes. Haven’t decided on the wardrobe yet (armwarmers? legwarmers? jacket?). This is a very important decision depending on the weather. Let’s just say I’ve ridden on much colder days than this in Berkeley- I’m thinking of testing out my thickened blood and ditching the armwarmers. But then again I remember my little trip down Redwood without gloves that one October morning and think…maybe I shouldn’t be so bold!


Added 20 minutes later: Nevermind! no way I can wait 22 hours. I am going now. No question about it. Screw the armwarmers. I’m riding my bike in Sweden today. Like now. YEA!!!!


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One Response to “Sprung”

  1. Monica Says:

    T is Time 😀
    and well minus is the time you minus until you actually launch

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