misadventures, as usual

Here’s a brilliant idea:

Have a username for an account that you sometimes use as a password for another account. Have that same word as your email password (only just recently changed from the default password…) Then, get invited to a new communication tool that google is developing, and have google create your account automatically…making that same word your new username…while it is already the password to that same account. Realize this horrific coincidence at 11 pm at night, frantically change your password on your account and then go to sleep. Wake up the next morning to realize that you have completely forgotten what you changed your password to. Fortunately, you also forgot to turn off your computer, so you are already logged into your email—but only now, you can neither turn off your computer or close down your browser without being logged out. After trying all possible combinations of the usual meaningless words and numbers, become very disappointed in yourself and post on a public blog: “God, I am an idiot.”

Here’s an even better idea:

Sign up for a Chemistry class in Swedish. Spend nine hours a day in Kemicentrum for the first quarter of your time in Sweden. Waste no time in complaining loudly about it to friends and family. Learn the most important of Swedish phrases: “Hur kan man räkna ut…” (how can I calculate) “Jag fick fel svar!” (I got the wrong answer!) and “En gång till…” (One more time). Pass the test, but fear the wrath of the curve-less grading system*. Go in for an awkward meeting with the UC coordinator, expressive of your fears. Learn that your fears are irrational because your grade is adjusted to the UC scale, which means you got a B+ in Swedish Chemistry. Leave feeling very happy, and only slightly stupid that you didn’t get an A.

or try this one:

It’s at last a beautiful day, and your legs are itching for a bike ride. Make the good decision to ride your crappy commuter bike to the small town of Dalby, because there’s still ice on the road. Have a wonderful, but very cold 20 kilometer bike ride. In Dalby, search in vain for the lake you heard of. Be forced to carry your heavy bike over snowbanks, through someone’s potato fields, and past a whole gang of barking dogs. Be uncannily reminded of Idaho. End up on the back side of a quarry behind locked gates (?) carry your bike around the gates, and start back on the road. Stop for a while to sit on a bench near söderskog and eat just enough cookies to cancel out any semblance of real exercise. Go home and somewhat pathetically look at pictures of Grizzly peak on Google Earth.

Or an even, even better idea:

Stay up past midnight, not refreshing your memory on QM, no, but rather sewing a sweater that is slit down the back so it can be ripped off during one of the scenes in a over-the-top student student comedy show. Wake up the next morning with a headache, a sore throat, and no will do go outside in the weather that has unexpectedly decided to drop past freezing again.

But wait, here’s the best one yet:

Get over-confident about your ability in Swedish and sign up for a course that has the goal of finding a road map for  sustainable development of nanotechnology because your friend has been working on creating it for the past year and it looks like one of the coolest courses you’ll ever have the opportunity to take. Soon afterward, realize that not only do you know next to nothing about nanotechnology, but you still can’t really speak Swedish, no matter how much you can talk about the weather, your hobbies, or electrochemical reactions. Waste time you could be spending on improving your vocabulary by posting on a public blog: “Oh my God. What have I gotten myself into this time?”


*Swedish test taking is actually quite nice. I’ll have to post on that someday.


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4 Responses to “misadventures, as usual”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Enough self-deprication. You got a B+ in Swedish Chemistry!! That’s awesome. It seems weird that you’re already done with a set of courses, though; I guess I didn’t realize you were going for two quarters as opposed to one semester.
    Based on your last post about spex, the sweater seems like perfectly worthwhile time spent, and cookies on a bike ride even more so.

  2. Monica Says:

    O Arielle,
    First of all, thanks for finally posting again!
    And secondly, Sabrina is absolutely right. You got an awesome grade in chemistry in another language! And you actually made the effort to exercise in the freezing cold and have a marvelous time appreciating nature (and the vastness of Sweden). And who the heck takes sustainability in nanotechnology as a class??? You’re nuts! And I am o so proud of you!
    As for the sweater…well…that seems unavoidable 😀

    • tornspira Says:

      Thanks guys, but you know self-deprecation is insanely fun, right? You wouldn’t happen to have any sort of advice on what I could have possibly changed my password too, though (completely serious)? O, and staying up late for that sweater yielded 3 days of immobilizing illness, from which I am only now beginning to recover. *cough* I wish I had some wellness formula!

  3. Monica Says:

    I only have 2 pills left! Those first graders will be the death of me! 😀 And then in my ed 235 class, we spent 20 min. talking about how homeopathy is stupid.
    O dear!
    I have many many ideas for your password, yet I’m starting to think that posting it in a public space might encourage a “mis-adventure”
    but my god, sew faster woman!

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