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Hi everyone reading this! I am trying to get your attention. Well, hopefully that worked. Anyway, this post is my blog’s most-read post, probably because I think this is one of the very few Semlor recipes in English that exists on the internet. As my blog statistics meter tells me, several people visit this post each week (especially now since it is actually time to make semlor again) even almost a year after I posted it. I am curious: Who are you guys? Where are you from? Why are you making Semlor in English? Please leave me a comment, I’m interested to know 🙂 Thanks for reading, and enjoy your semlor!

Tack snälla!


Well, Fat Tuesday has long since passed. Sadly, you are technically not allowed to eat these semlor (aka fetttisdagsbullar or fat tuesday buns) any longer, as it is now fasten, or Lent. That being said, here is my English translation of the recipe, just to tempt you.


75 gram or 3/4 stick butter (or margarine for vegan)

2.5 dl or  a bit less than 1 (.85) cup milk

2.5 dl or about 1 cup sugar

25 gram fresh or 3.5 tblspn dry  yeast

7.5 or  3 cup white flour

teaspoon cardamum


300 gram or maybe 2? cup Mandelmassa (almond paste, or I think Marzipan would work too)

3 dl or 1 1/4 cup whipped cream.

Powdered sugar!

Gör så här: Do the following:

1. Melt the butter in a sauce pan. Add in the milk and warm to “fingervarmt”, or around body temperature.

2. Dissolve the yeast in ab0ut 1/4 c water. Mix until the thick mixture is homogeneous, let sit for 10 min.

3. Add the rest of the dough ingredients: the salt sugar, cardamom and the majority of the flour. Save a little bit of the flour for forming the buns. Knead the dough until it is smooth and shiny, about 10-15 min. Place the dough back in the bowl and let rise for 40 min in warm, dry, place.

4. Take out the dough onto a flat surface. Form the buns by rolling circular shapes with your hands. They should be around 1.5 inches in diameter, but you can make them however you want.
5. Place the buns on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Let them rise for 30 minutes more. Heat the oven to 430 F (225 C)

6. If you want to, you can brush the buns with an eggwash or with soymilk. Set in the oven and bake for 10 min or so until done.

7. After then buns have baked and cooled for around 5 min, cut the top off each bun, about 1/4 inch down the bun. Pull out a bit of the warm bread-flesh from inside the bun. Add the extracted bread-flesh to a bowl with the (chopped or otherwise shredded) mandelmassa and stir them together.

8. Add the mandelmassa mixture to the empty spot in each bun. A top each mandelmassa, add a dollop of whipped cream. Set the tops back on each bun, and sprinkle them with powdered sugar, like snow.

9. Eat them, and then say ten “Hail Marys” and five “Our Fathers”. Repent, my child.

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17 Responses to “Semlor Recipe, in English”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    So… you’ll be making these back in Berkeley, yeah? 😉 Last two posts = prospect of biking + delicious looking baked goods. I’m thinking this is a good combination.

  2. Sabrina L Says:

    mmmmmmmmm! 🙂

  3. Linnea Says:

    I brought metric measuring cups (and a cookbook!) back to the U.S. for this very reason.

    Thanks. 🙂

  4. Kris Says:

    Jag sökte på “Semla in English” eftersom jag då slapp att översätta receptet själv. Jobbar i USA och en kollegas dotter ska ha en presentation om Sverige. Då ingår det att man bjuder på en dessert. Semla är väl med amerikanska mått knappast en dessert men det är ju utan tvekan ett bakverk som representerar Sverige.

    Tack för hjälpen

    • tornspira Says:

      Tack för din kommentär! Vad härligt att receptet ska användas för att främja svensk bakning 🙂 Jo, amerikanska efterrätter är oftast lite lyxigare, kanske. Men semlor är ju goda och enkla. Hoppas att presentationen och Semlabakningen går hur bra som helst!

  5. Mirjana Miscevic Says:


  6. Zoya Says:

    Vi bor i USA o mamma ska baka Semlor for grannarna, men hon kommer inte ihog hur man gjorde mandelmassa from scratch. Jag har forsokt att hitta receptet po internet, men har inte lyckats so bra. Kan du vara snell o ge forslag po receptet? Skulla vara jette tacksam om du kunde.
    Tack so mycket for receptet o ha det bra!

    • tornspira Says:

      Hej! tyvärr har jag aldrig lagat mandelmassa själv…Jag har faktist lyckat hitta mandelmassa i en affär här i Kalifornien, den kallas för “almond paste” 🙂 Den kan också ersättas med marsipan, tror jag. Några recepter finns på nättet (t. ex. Den skulle kanske hjälpa din mamma kom ihåg receptet lite gran 😉 Hoppas att det går bra med bakningen o lycka till!

  7. Fredrik Says:

    Mycket bra initiativ, tack för arbetet med att publicera receptet på engelska!

  8. Okejdå, Fastlagsbullar « the daily saga Says:

    […] Nyfiken? Hittar du receptet här […]

  9. Åsa Bouck Says:

    Hej, jag ville länka till ett semla-recept på engelska från, eller rättare sagt, facebooksidan. Tack för den engelska översättningen! /Åsa

    • tornspira Says:

      Hej, jätterolig hemsida! visst får du länka till receptet på facebooksidan 🙂 skiftet är ju att alla skulle få laga semlor ändå på engelska. lycka till och gott nytt år förresten!

  10. Deb Rosander Says:

    Hello! I am from California- USA. I was reading a repost on fb from an American friend who lives in Uppsala. The fb link was an article about being Swedish. One item was about Semla. I am 1/2 Swedish, enjoy baking, & thought it would be fun to make Semla. Thanks !

  11. Julia Says:

    I’m from Minsk and I want to say thank you for your recipe! I’m completely obsessed with Swedish recipes last time 🙂

  12. Alice Says:

    Hi! I’m a seventeen year old exchange student from Umeå, living in Vermont and I’m planning on celebrating some fettisdag with my American family:) Thanks for the recipe!! 🙂

  13. The Fat Tuesday | Vicki Says:

    […] you’re just curious how we make them. (I think most of the Swedes buy them now though.) Klick HERE to find the recipe. Personally I don’t like them at all and I haven’t even eaten one […]

  14. Gail Blomberg Rapoza Says:

    Well, my ancestry is 100% Swedish from Sweden and Finland and I can’t wait to try this recipe. It sounds and looks amazing! I love trying new things. I live in Oak Ridge North, Texas, USA and just happened upon an old post that mentioned a swedish recipe in english! Yay!
    Thank you very much for putting it in English.

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