V- Day

* contains bad puns, consider yourself warned *

Dear Chemists of the World,

I respectfully take issue with your choice of lettering.

Why, o why o why? Why would you EVER choose E to denote electric potential? E (apart from those swirly E’s used to denote emfs) is not potential. V is potential. V is potential. Is E the negative gradient of E? No, it is not. E is E, or electric field. The negative gradient of the potential (V) is E (electric field). Likewise, E is not potential energy either, as you so lovingly called it two chapters ago. that would be U.

In short: V=potential!

If the problem is that you’ve run out of letters, why don’t you give the Greek ones a shot? It’s not too bad, really. We do it all the time in Physics. At least give me some consistency here. I mean, how are we ever going to find a unifying theory of nature if we can’t even find a unifying theory of nomenclature? All I am sayin’… is give V a chance!

Also, Potential= V

Happy V-day every one. I hope your V-day is full of potentials. If it’s not… you’ll be hearing from me about it.



ps. Can you tell I’ve been studying all day and eating chocolate?



2 Responses to “V- Day”

  1. Sabrina L Says:

    Happy V Day to you too!

  2. Sabrina Says:

    This is wonderful, and I thought I’d mention (if I hadn’t before) that a lack of chemistry courses was one reason I chose a physics major. 😉 Hope your exam went well!

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