Kan du gissa? Can you guess?

Can you guess what I bought? I am really excited about this purchase. I mean REALLY excited. Quite like a small child, actually. Yesterday I walked into Erikshjälpan, the Swedish version of the Goodwill and my new favorite store,a nd there was ______ (oh, come on guess!) for only 35 Kronor, or $5. It must have been written in the stars.

Seriously- I think this could be fun. Comment in with your guesses and whoever gets it right wins a postcard from Sweden!!

If no one guesses I’ll post the answer in a couple of days.

I’ll give you some hints:

1. It takes some skill to use them

2. You can use them inside or outside, depending on where you are.

3. Proper use of them requires a certain, very Swedish, temperature.

4. Canada is a big fan.

5. If you find yourself on a desert island with one, it can be applied to the cracking open of a coconut.

6. There’s not much use for them in Southern California, unless of course, you are a Duck.

So, what did I buy? And… what am I going to do this weekend? Come on, guess!


4 Responses to “Kan du gissa? Can you guess?”

  1. Myrna Miranda Says:

    a hockey stick! =)
    I really really want to know!

  2. Monica Says:

    It absolutely has to be a hockey stick.

  3. tornspira Says:

    no keep guessing. you are close.

  4. Monica Says:

    how about ice skates?

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