“Laundry”: a Drama

A Dramatization based on real events.

Location: a small laundromat (tvättstuga), clean almost to sterility, in the basement of a student housing complex somewhere in the south of Sweden. Four turquoise washing machines stand in a line against the southern wall. Along the opposite wall stand two drying machines, one a similar turquoise color and the other dark blue. Random Guy 1 stands next to the third washing machine talking rapidly in Swedish with Random Guy 2. The Girl stands bent over the first dryer, pulling colorful scraps of clothing out of it and stuffing them into a sack.

Random Guys 1 & 2: (continuing with incomprehensible Swedish conversation).

The Girl continues with the laundry, not even attempting to listen to their conversation. It must also be added that said girl is not fluent in Swedish.

Random Guys 1 & 2: (silence)

The Girl stops for a moment, having just realized that Random Guys 1 & 2 have probably just asked her something.

Random Guy 2: Kanske på engleska? (Maybe in English?)

Girl: (under her breath, realizing her cover was blown) Dang.

Random Guy 1: Excuse me, is this your, uh… thing?

The girl turns around to be greeted by two Swedish guys staring at her underwear.


She has a choice to make… claim the underwear and lose some small bit of dignity or maintain dignity but lose the underwear. She decides that her dignity was already lost when she didn’t understand a simple question in Swedish. Plus, she doesn’t have that many pairs of underwear.

The Girl: Oh, yea! Oops! Thank you. It’s mine. Haha… well, it’s definitely not yours!

Random Guys 1 & 2: (Stifled, awkward chuckling)

The Girl snatches the underwear, finishes grabbing the rest of her laundry and walks out the door.

End Scene


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