Even more Shampoo Hilarity

Hygienic hilarity never ends!

Alright—I’ve got to stop buying haircare products simply because they amuse me. In order to make up for my truly poor shampoo purchasing decision last time around, I decided to make another trip 300 yards out my door to Coop Konsum grocery store and try my luck again. To be honest, this time around I still failed at the decision making process. I employed the same shopping logic that landed me in major customer-dissatisfaction-land last time with the Lingon stuff- I bought the shampoo that was both a) the cheapest and b) the most amusing, with the added condition that c) it wasn’t the Lingon stuff. But lo, and behold, look what I came across: a true curio of the the shampoo-marketing world, namely, Garnier Fructis’ Nordic Hair Care. Sure as heck haven’t seen this stuff Stateside—maybe if I’d bought it at home I’d had cold-and-snow-resistant Nordic hair by now. In all seriousness, though, this stuff isn’t bad. Let’s just say it’s quite a step up from LingonCrap.


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2 Responses to “Even more Shampoo Hilarity”

  1. Shirley Lei Says:


    read your previous post. resonates with me very well. though native i am to the good ole states of america, i too am in some ways an english-learner having had little exposure to english until pre-school (which was partly taught in chinese since it was located in chinatown). i have also been a participant of bi-lingual education. i wish language immersion existed way back when, because, essentially, that’s the best way to learn a foreign language. doing what you’re doing right now — taking chem in swedish, minus the part where they’re actually trying to get you to learn swedish.

    and as someone who firmly believes in multi-lingualism, go A! get on with your bad self!

    hope sweden is to you what you want it to be.

    it has been such joy reading bella’s journey and now i look forward to yours. wish more people kept a better journal of their cultural experiences and forays.

  2. Shirley Lei Says:

    ps. about the lingon shampoo. i dont think it’s the lingon berries’ fault. i think it’s the cheapness. think…. suave or vo5 in the us of a. cheap cheap cheap. and ineffective, no matter what scents they entice you with.

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