Shampoo Hilarity

Only in Sweden

You’d better believe it. The swedes love lingon (you know, those little red berries that they make the juice out of) so much that they have made a shampoo and conditioner out of it. I bought it out of sheer amusement. That, and I needed shampoo. This was this cheapest one. What is ligon berry shampoo like, you may ask? Well, don’t get your hopes up. It’s terrible. It barely works and it smells like fruit loops.


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2 Responses to “Shampoo Hilarity”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Wait, so is it red? Weeiird.

    But lingonberry jam is *delicious*.

  2. tornspira Says:

    Actually it’s white. And no, the shampoo is not as delicious as the jam, in case you where wondering : )

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