LHC in a nutshell

This morning, the LA Times ran an Op-Ed on the topic of LHC. LHC meaning the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. That’s right: the machine that collides particles at super-high energies in an attempt to observe what may have happened directly after the Big Bang and unlock the mysteries of the universe and unify Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity and redefine our understanding of Physics….etcetera. As the most powerful experiment in the world, it naturally enconters chronic technical difficulties, and even has started a few physicists chatting about rifts in time that might seem more familiar to a Madeline L’Engle novel than the natural world.

Basically, if you looked up the word “Badass” in the dictionary, beside the word’s numerous other definitions, you might also find a photo taken inside of LHC.

So, if you’re curious, read the Op-Ed. It is written by a UC Santa Barbara Physicist, explains the potential of the LHC experiments in clear terms, and is refreshingly optimistic.


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