Vi ses, Kalifornien!

In only ten days, I will live in Sweden. I can’t believe it.

The day of my last final at Berkeley for an entire year, I was sad for about 0.345 seconds before I got over it and became exceedingly happy.

The purpose of this blog was originally that it was going to be a “travel blog”—you know, the kind all those college kids start when they go abroad so that they can relate all of their exuberant adventures to their friends and family back home. I started writing during the summer so that I could get in the habit of posting frequently before I could embark on my own adventures overseas.

However, as the day I move to Sweden draws närare, I can help but feel that a “travel blog” in the typical sense of the genre is not precisely what I want this to be. I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that very soon, Lund will be a very real place to me, not just somewhere I have heard other people talk about. Sweden is not somewhere I will be simply travelling to, but somewhere will be living for the next eight months.

Keeping that in mind, I am not going to change my approach to blogging (at least not on this blog). Meaning, the focus of this blog will not shift to something along the lines of “Oh Goodness! I am in a Foreign country, look at meeee!” (Okay, so there might be a little bit of that, but only a little bit). The focus will continue to be what it has been from the comically not-so-distant beginning: observation, storytelling, and commentary on the everyday. And we’re just gonna take it from there.

For more Travel-Blog-esque entries, I will be writing for the Daily Cal’s Travel blog- conveniently located on the Daily Cal website. Which I will conveniently leave  out the link for.  Google it. (Just so there’s some mystery and sense of adventure left in the world.)

So, Here we go. Ten days left. it’s countdown time.

A few things about California that I will miss apart my family and my friends and all that other stuff like my house and my dog:

1. Armwarmerless bike rides in December.

2. Running in shorts in December.

3. Wearing tank tops in December.

5. Mountain bike trails. (in December?)

6. So, basically, The Sun.

Things I will miss *EVEN MORE* about California:

1. The Governator’s sense of poetic justice.

2. The washed-up Hippies’ sense of “Non-violence”

3. Our Lawmakers’ extremely entitled sense of poetic liscence.

4. Los Angeles.’Nuff said.

5. “The Real Orange County.”

6. The Midnight sun. Oh wait…that’s just the light pollution.

One more note:

I don’t mean to jump ship, UC Berkeleyans, but when I’m away in the land of the real midnight sun, meatballs, sky-high taxes, and free university educations— do you think you can work on sorting out this little mess we’ve found ourselves in as of late? I’d really appreciate it. It would be nice to come home to a clean house.

Boy, that’s wishful thinking.


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